Aqsa Gharshin

Aqsa Gharshin lives in Quetta Pakistan. She is 19 and an undergraduate student in politics and economics. she is planning to take a course in llb(law) this year. She loves reading, be it poetry, be it prose. Philosophy, Politics, International affairs, Economics, Law are her favorite subjects. In poetry she prefers mystic and marxist poets, Rumi, Iqbal, Mahmoud Darwesh, Nazim Hikmet, Rasool Hamza Tauf, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Pablo Neruda happen to be her favourite poets. She is a huge Beatles fan and their music and lyrics are sheer source of pleasure and inspiration for her.

That tender perception of faith
As relished by a theist
An unlettered, artless theist
Makes me envy him

The image of a supernatural
He holds fast in his mind
His empty, worthless mind
Makes me envy him

That reverence for holy figures
That love for word of God
That unseen, unknown God
Makes me envy him

That tender perception of faith
makes me envy him
For where all my reasons fail
His irrational faith triumphs.

"Pour ma Ville (For my City).

For my city
which has lost it's true colors
Dedicated to those,
who can bring it back to life

To the artist: Perhaps you will find the stolen colors of your paintings.. The painting of a serene valley
Perhaps you will complete the unfinished canvas one day

To the cleric: Perhaps one day you will stop stirring negative public sentiments in the name of God
Perhaps one day, you will depict him as a deity capable of mother like love

To the killer: Perhaps one day you will realize that this is not the way to find your identity
Perhaps one day you'll be freed from the reason for rifle

To the ruler: Perhaps you will take ample responsibility on your shoulders one day
Perhaps that day would only come, if you were to bear the consequences of your incompetence

To the people: Perhaps you will give up on the fake possessions of race, caste and creed
Perhaps our coming generation will embrace the generous creed of humanity

To the birds: Perhaps you will have the blind faith like me, that our city would relive one day
Perhaps you will come back to our home with your heart touching melodies

PERHAPS... I will wait till eternity.

"The soil my beloved has revered"

O, dear Paris
I truly hold you near my heart
for my beloved has revered your soil with his noble presence
In your allies echoes the sound of his footsteps
In your vicinity rings the cadence of his tone

O, the city of sanguines
I truly hold you near my heart
For a part of my soul resides in your embrace
The zephyr of your environs plays around him
the flowers of your gardens perfume around him.
O, fortunate Paris
I truly hold you near my heart
For you hold in you my precious heart
You hold inside my priceless heart.


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