Pronoy Rai

Graduate Student (Development Studies) Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati 781039

On Diwali

How shall I write a poem on a matter so trivial,
Of longing for home, family treasured and city adorable?
Do realise the bard novice has nowhere to vent for real,
Just these words that rhyme, is all he's is of capable.

I miss you precious parents and brother elder,
Our revelry together, chats aplenty and bon homie.
I miss you on this day of lights and crackling thunder,
Of shared sweets, firecrackers, and making merry.

A city so cherished, I realised not before I left,
The place of my childhood, of countless joys and few tears.
A true cosmopolitan with cultures many that we accept,
Of acknowledged faces and places that'll forever be so dear.

Should I cry? I am grown up after all,
Ah, Diwali for me is now to keep looking back in time.
To smile, cheer, lament and drop that tear invisibly small,
And make attempt to suggest it all, in dreary poem of attempted rhyme.

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