Rati Agnihotri

Rati Agnihotri is currently working with Sage Publications India in the capacity of an Editorial Assistant in the Commissioning department. Prior to this, she worked as a radio and online journalist with an international broadcasting organization; Deutsche Welle in Germany. Ms Agnihotri completed her MA International Journalism from University Of Leeds, U.K. in December 2007 and completed her BA Hons English Literature from Delhi University, India
in July 2006.


The Sunset Sonata

The sunset sonata
left all spellbound.
They licked and licked the remnants of its treacherous melodies
Till their tongues fell to the floor.

The sunset sonata
Set all the hands wandering
They rang and rang the doorbell
Till their fingers fell down.

It made them see the hostess in red in a new light
She sang and sang
While they sat investigating what lay beneath the mascara.
Maybe she noticed, because she lifted her eyelids and flashed her red
Only a wee bit though
But the crowd got distracted and forsook the ‘under – beneath' bunkum
To feast their eyes on what sat in the front

And, all this, while on went the sunset sonata.


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