Aiswarya is a Research Scholar in the Dept. of English, University of Madras. She hails from Kerala and writes in both
Malayalam and English.



Couched under snowy white quilt

Arresting my eyes in a gaze

A golden thread magnifying

The magnetic invitation

Of coils to be ruffled up

A frozen image too hot

To my pillow, under the eyelids

In air columns, empty spaces

I reflect those rays

I feel it under the skin

Lest it makes me swoon

I pour in all

Graphite smears on speckless white

White parchment holds a flame

I am insured

I have put them papers away

Speculative Games

They teach you the rules

Men under hammer play

Guessing games on my statistics

Blemishes go incognito

Partially nude ribs, the norm

Reeling rigmaroles replay

Aging, ailments and siblings’ nightlife

Familial support runs a fine comb

Through flaws non-existent and forgotten

I hear the heart wrenching crack

Careers, identities drop dead

Being, a sack of unwanted selves

Succumb to arranged hitching

The pot at the end of the rainbow,

The price for toeing the line.

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