Charles Matthew Sauer

Charles Matthew Sauer writes poetry, essays, fiction, and software programs. He spent several years programming with IBM InfoPrint. Of late, he authored two novels and a book of poetry with a focus on abstractions, and the beauty of changing diverse cultures.


Crystallized Strings in Quartz

Off each geodetic space, an outline bathes. Saguaro, sage,

granite: when such clears and fixates, it sifts. Some quest

within the winter downfall quivers, and the maracas

coruscate. An opacity windows into tinctures of crystallized

strings. Sidelong a side wind surfaces an obelus as long

as another. Those forests of obelisks curve and center. They

delineate a translucid setting. Opuntia opaquely roots whatnot,

these, a precise randomness. Rounded angles dimple such as

this, such as canyons, such as the bark of pinyon. Chiseled

fabrics wash the features, curve around the figures; straighten;

length. It showers the dust. Diffusely surging, it glints. Stairs

stutter without.


Treble, jostle, descant. Drops without falling. Arcs]. Obtunds

least off. Much, pleasantly rolls. Obnubilates. Every

variation. Every. Frets a plumb. Pause fastened.

Quiets. Trembles. Guesses against guessing.

For triangles. Sets. Obliquity. Prolepsis:

Touches on a supple quadrilateral.

as those that touch parallel. As

such as these. Simply press.

Wherever such begins.

drift sidelong.




In the burning taste of something enchanting: This dance.
A dry sea. Arroyos fly with squares etching out
a revealing maize, dancing of cacti ladders.
Island plateaus apex and lave ashore.
Cottons bristle. Crimson clouds
sprout, and tide the bare seeds.
While time corners nothing there,
it steeps in a sage chortle. Kivas tower,
engraving streams of sand, sprout skies expanding
underground. Blue sandstone; paving journeys,
the cones around the swell. Pueblo
sentinel stone flecks rain upswept
across floating scenes. Unfolded
feathers shade the lunar depths; enchanting,
the cougars overlap, stretch above the spheres
of clouds of horizontal and the birds transparent.
Arid mica valleys wing and splash a seaward granite gravel.

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