Amitava Nag
Amitava Nag, a software engineer by profession, has been writing on films since his college days and edits the bi-lingual film magazine Silhouette. Amitava expresses his viewpoints through poems and short stories in Bengali and English. His works have been published in several web magazines and little magazines. Amitava resides in Kolkata and dreams of making a film some day in the future

All lines in this route are busy

The sky above speckles up

Rainbow confetti
- the young Sun

Smiles from the corner,

The shadow leaves to wander the city
's nook.

I switch off my cell phone,

The drumming of the shy leaves

Resonate the stillness
- of our reflection

The way I left it.

Decades follow centuries

In sly forgetfulness, and

I gather the dust of collective memory

Yours , mine and the children of loveless languor.


I fear their smell

They sit back and look at me

I fear their shape

Their shadows get bigger on my wall

I fear their voice

They speak of their death,

I cry
- Ma,

And she waves and she waves

She closes the window

She opens the window

She lifts me and

I look out - of her,

For her

And she weaves and she weaves,

She weaves forever.

Forget me not

She lifts her up

And walks out -

Its dark there and I stare

The monitor glows,

And blinks and I wait .

I wait longer than her breath

As she whimpers "Forget me not"

For, get me not?

I search her through the

Google search pile, peeking at

Every window of the city

Every alley of the virtual suburb

Every corner of the frozen mind,

Where is the axe? I wonder and

Sleep through the entire night



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