sharvani h.s



She had been crying all week,
And as I saw through the window, she was again.
But it was different today; more bitter.
I search her pretty, young face
Looking for a clue in her black, broad eyes.
They are blank;
I see her cheeks devoid of color
And know that it has happened.
What she dreaded and I all week,
The end to her hopes and my faith.

Anger rushes through me like never before.
Fury, contained all these years,
Inhuman, unforgiving.
All those innocent girls I saw
Across the street, through the window.
The tears shed both before and after;
Their lives destroyed before my eyes;
Their bodies invaded without their regard;
Their future decided- full of misery.

She sits there, unmoving, a victim like many others.
And I think of them,
Roaming around unquestioned.
Mosquitoes which bite and get away unscathed,
Sinners pardoned by law itself.
Why do we tolerate them, these desecrators?
Why do they live while she suffers?
They who wronged the innocent,
Condemning them to an undeserved life.
Why do they live while she suffers?


The dice rolls on, in empty space,
Unable to stop, to fix its value.
One side or six, what is its true face?

The chameleon changes, fools a common gaze.
When its color varies with every moment,
Inherent or acquired, what is its true face?

The film on the black tape plays,
And with anticipation, the audience watches.
When each frame overlaps, what is its true face?

The clock ticks; life becomes a chase.
The prize is unknown, but the end evident.
When survival is at stake, what is your true face?


The age of singularities is past
The present is fickle, and fast.
One does, another does, so all do,
Impossible to say why or who.
Overwhelming is the world with all its variety,
All vying for universal notoriety.
There are no wrongs, just different perceptions
Praising those with creative deceptions.
Things are obsolete before they’re defined
Thoughts and morals, unbounded and unrefined.
Success floods through, leaving ethics eroded,
Pretenses enhanced, competence corroded.
Ideas are stolen and emotions are bought
Despite unprecedented growth, there is still draught.
Cynicism is a trend, indifference a rule.
Overloading is an affliction; and its victim, a fool.


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