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Abhay Kumar is an Indian author, poet, artist and diplomat. His book River Valley to Silicon Valley tries to draw the portrait of a modern young Indian.[1] His work in the field of Gov2.0 & digital diplomacy,[2] philosophical poetry,[3] planetary scale of thinking in his art works [4] and writings on Global democracy [5] envision a second renaissance on the planet.

The Planet Will Be The Same

Air will change,
water will change,
people will change,
country will change,
my friends say
hearing the news
that I have to leave.

I say-
dear friends,
air will change,
water will change,
people will change,
country will change,
but the planet will be the same.

The Perfect Truth

I know
life is not forever,
it comes from nothing,
and goes into nothing,
I know the perfect truth,
the ultimate reality;
could you be a little
soft, serene, mild?

Alexander Blok

Your lonely apartment by the canal
carries images of a bygone age,
age before the torment began
and the thugs took over
your peace,
your poetry,
your life
and the life of your generation.

You rightly said-
'night, a street, a lamp, a drug store, a senseless wan light,
live another quarter of a century- all will be the same,
there is no way out.'

Yet my spirit craves for change
a human family
the whole planet as home.

To the Dreamland and Back

Thirteen souls
left their homes, villages
for the dreamland,
they gathered at railway stations
with dreams in their heads,
hopes in their hearts
and travelled two nights,
thinking of the bright days in the dreamland
for the rest of their lives,
finally they reached New Delhi,
they met each other
and the scheming agents-dream merchants,
they ate, they played cards,
and nursed their dreams,
while their visas were arranged,
the agents took their time,
finally visas were brought,
air tickets were booked,
joyous were the dreamers
though they had different routes,
routes to Europe- their dreamland
the land of instant riches,
the land of prosperity,
the land of opportunity,
their aeroplane passed over different lands
Delhi-Kiev-Frankfurt and so on;
the scheming agent had assured them all
work that paid a thousand euros every month,
in restaurants run by their friends,
but plans went wrong,
the agents fled with their air tickets and cash,
leaving them at large,
in a dark hole, dungeon
in the city of white nights,
they had nothing to eat, nothing to drink,
and no money to pay rent,
one day,the young landlady arrived with a bottle of vodka,
knocked on their door, shouting…
‘pay me rentttt… renttttttttt…
or my boys will tear you tonight'
they were scared, terrified,
they screamed for help
in the babble of drowning voices,
searched for the vanishing agents,
but help was far,
night fell,
and the landlady's boys arrived,
they drank and smoked,
and she screamed with wild joy,
then they fell upon the dreamers
like hungry wolves,
bled them all,
one by one,
their violent screams filled the dark space,
but help was far,
police came only at dawn,
their hopes were shattered,
dreams ruined,
they could not even return home,
they had overstayed,
they had broken the law of the land,
now they awaited deportation;
a good samaritan,
a fellow countryman
came forward to help,
offered them rice and bread,
offered them a place to live,
a month later,
they returned home
with mental scars,
hopes dashed,
hearts broken,
dreams shattered,
debts to be paid;
but they returned home
with steely determination,
to build their lives,
build their villages,
and to build a new India of their dreams.

Row On

Fellow rafter in the rocky waters

row on,

row on,

row on,

however tumultuous the river

row on

light a candle

however dark be the night

don't be afraid

fellow rafter in the rocky waters

row on,

row on.

O' Time

O' Time,

stop for a while

let me absorb every moment's fullness

your rich hues and colours

stand still

don't move

you rush too fast

slow down

wait for a while

let me cherish you.


In a moment the soul crossed millennia

the brilliance and the glory of that moment
touched it forever

forever the world changed

reality, ambitions, perspectives

all changed

oh! how ignorant had been the soul

wasting life on false pursuits

how long

oh! how long the clouds of morality

covered the longings of the soul

and the soul suffered in prison

till that moment came

and came liberation.


Your long nose

and even longer overcoat

wanders on the Nevsky prospect

at odd hours

guarded by an army of dead souls,

Gogol, are you still enamoured

with the heaven on this marshland?

why disguise yourself

as an inspector general, a police chied

or a lowly clerk

don't you know

tsars and communists have left St. Petersburg?

The Waves of Time

The waves of time

brought you to me

the same waves

took you away

I know

I'll never see you again

but let me thank you

for the few moments of eternity.


You are the highest moment

you are the eternal charm

you are the primeval force

you are the unstoppable wheel of time.


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