An Exclusive report on Festival of Poetry by Bhawani Cheerath in India's national daily "The Hindu"  on Friday 24,2005

*     'Colours of poetry' by Bhawani Cheerath

*      EXPRESSIONS OF VERSE: It has been a labour of love for Rati Saxena. And it showed in the novel event put together to launch the bilingual web journal dedicated to poetry -, the first of its kind, the poet-researcher turned academic avers.

*      Rich fare -Dr. Ayyappa Panicker will talk poetry, Kavalam will act poetry, B.D. Dethan will paint poetry,' said the intriguing invitation card, which whetted one's curiosity. There were more offerings on the platter: Rabindra Sangeet, budding writer Kalyani's sensitive poetry reading, a Punjabi play, a high-decibel rendition of his own poem by D. Vinayachandran, recitation of the passionately committed poem of Punjabi poet Paash, to name a few.
This maiden effort, according to Dr Saxena is meant to be a window for the poetry lover. She tells you that Hindi poetry, now available on the Net, is usually the contribution of the non-resident Indian who is unable to keep in touch with the new poets, styles and trends.

*      Translations in Hindi and English will knit poetry lovers from all corners of the globe. The Indology scholar adds, every corner of the country will be represented in Kritya and true to her words, the next issue will focus on poetry from the North Eastern region.

The Kashmir Times, Jammu
Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Dogri poetry special number of released

'Literature binds hearts, can create new world'


JAMMU, July 4; Art and literature unite the hearts so efforts should be made to use them as a binding force to create a "new world" imbuing only peace and prosperity -- was the underlying message on the momentous occasion of release ceremony of first ever Dogri poetry special number of web magazine here today.

The function was organized by Organisation. of Art, Culture, Languages (OACL), Kerala on the occasion of "Kavita Utsav- II" in collaboration with J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL) at Abhinav Theatre. Web magazine was released by OACL founder Director Dr Rati Saxena, who was the guest of honour in the function, while Chairman 'The Kashmir Times' group of publications Ved Bhasin graced the occasion as the chief guest.

Dr Rati Saxema, while releasing Dogari poetry special number of web magazine dwelt at length about the web magazine and explained the objective and inspiration behind this determined revolutionary effort. 'Kritya is not just a web magazine but an institution. It is a belief as through it we are striving hard to bring Indian literature at par with international literature,' she averred.

Rati maintained that J&K had always been a 'dreamland' for her since childhood. 'it has inspired poets from across the country. As far as literature from this place is concerned. it is simply wonderful. It would take generations to grasp its essence. This reflects the spirit of India. This was why we thought to launch our regional web magazine with Dogri poetry special number. Just to launch web magazine is not our aim, our main objective is to connect the people. We want to focus on different aspects of literature including music and art, Rati added.
She appreciated the cqntribution of literateurs in this regard, who she said were extending their full cooperation even in the absence of any, financial assistance. Rati ;announced that soon special numbers would he released on poetry in Kashmiri language and even in foreign language.

Bhashin, in his address, congratulated Rati for making an effort to explore literary gems of regional languages so to provide them an exposure at the international level.

"Regional languages have a literary treasure trove, which needs to be explored and brought at the international level. Regional languages imbue the real essence of unity in diversity and this is a matter of pride that Kritya has chosen Dogri language to make foray into the world of regional languages in the form of web magazines," Bhasin asserted. He hoped that the effort would bring the language at international level.

He stated that although Dogari is an old language and has a rich literature too but a literary vacuum for longer period hampered its

"However, in the forties, a group of dedicated litterateurs including Prof R N Shastri, Yash Sharma. Ved Pal Deep and K S Madhukar revolutionized the scenario and made vigorous efforts to cover up the loss of six centuries in six decades and earned the language its due proud status,  he recalled while particularly mentioning about the role of Dogri Sanstha in this regard.

Bhasin averred that languages and literature still break the barriers and unite the hearts. "They still have the power to change the world and create a new world, with peace and prosperity us its innate characters." Bhasin remarked.

He suggested that in the web mugazine, the Dogri poems should be carried along with the translation so that the people can be acquainted with the intricacies and nuances of the language.

Earlier in his welcome address, noted literateur of the state and online editor ''. Dr. Agnishekhar stressed the need to keep pace with the changing times in terms of literature as well.

"Literature or more appropriately, languages. which are a means of communication, are also changing in the era of Globalisation and "Industrialization," he maintained while referring to the changing role of languages.

Agnishekhar pointed out that Kritya comprises the selection of best poems ,of Hindi and English and with the release of Dogri poetry special number, now Dogri literature too would be available on web thus providing an opportunity to carve its niche at international level.

An exhibit ion of Dogari Kavita posters was yet another attraction in the function besides Dogri Street play "Dheeth" presented by Rangyug artists. The play portrays the spectre of present day Jammu and the problems confronted by it. The performance touched almost every aspect of city life ranging from population explosion to pollution and even loss of moral values.

Naina Sapru sang Dori folk song 'Pal Bhar Bat Jana Kol Jinde while Nirbhey Singh Salathia presented 'Meri Gali Cha Phera Dall Ja Tu, Mera Jee Ni Lagda. Next was the duet folk song by Naina Sapru and Nirbhey Singh 'Kapde Dhoaan Kanne Roaan Kunjua Bitch Button NishaniO..;.".

In poetry recitation, Raj Kumar Behrupia, noted actor .of Rangyug recited Kehri Singh Madhukar's poem 'Be Chiraag Bastiyan' followed by Muain Par Mulah Jade Mane Cha Jaldi Jalan Aih Mere Samen Da Chalan Aih

Chanchal Sharma Dogari singer and Dr. Sudhir Mahajan, noted Theatrist recited the poems of Padma Sachdev and Mohan Lal Sapolia respectively..

Proceedings were ably conducted by a young poet, art critic Kunwar Shakti Singh while another young Urdu literateur Liaqat Jafri presented of thanks.

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Kaleidoscope of strains


''Kritya 2007,"  an international festival of poetry, will be held from July 21 to 23.


Kritya is not only my dream but the dream of many poets and artists.


Moving force: Rati Saxena

The rhythm of words, the music in their language and the mindscapes of poets drawn from all over the globe meet in Thiruvananthapuram to celebrate poetry.

'Kritya 2007, an international poetry festival being held at Vyloppilly Samskriti Bhavan from July 21 to 23, will transform itself into the melting pot of voices that celebrates life in all its varying shades.

A tribute

Kritya, a bi-lingual (English and Hindi) poetry e-journal, completes three years of its existence this year and the festival is a tribute to Ayyappa Panikar, the poet who gave poetry a new idiom.

In the words of Rati Saxena, the prime moving force behind the web-journal and the poetry fete, "Kritya is not only my dream but the dream of many poets and artists. When we thought of a festival, I preferred July, when the plants, trees and even the sands of Kerala enjoy the month. I chose this time to feel the spirit of Kerala while enjoying its literary feast."

The poetry reading sessions spread over two days becomes a kaleidoscope of strains from Korea, Ireland, Croatia, Italy, Iran, Germany and Hong Kong. From India it is poesy in Marathi, Bangla, Kannada, Kashmiri, Tamil and Malayalam brought to you by poets of standing like, Loknath Yashwant, Utpal Basu, Kamala M.R., Agni Shekhar, Neela Padmanabhan, and O.N.V. Kurup.

The session for Malayalam reads like a veritable 'Who's Who' of Malayalam poetry - Sugatha Kumari, K. Satchidanandan, Kavalam Narayana Paniker, Vishnu Narayanan Namboodiri.

Painting to the strains of Ayyappa Panikar's lines will be artists B. D. Dethan, Lizzie Jacob, and Suresh. Turning poetry into motion will be Shirin Badihian Sadeghi (Iran), Massimo Sannelli (Italy), Mani Rao (Hong Kong), Anupama R and Paul Chandy Kayalackakom (Kerala).

An interesting inclusion in the calendar of events is folk poetry by Thankappan Asan and his team and a Koodiyattom performance led by Painkulam Narayana Chakyar.

and more


& the New
By N Marion Hage

The term underground took on a bad connotation when it became associated with malicious groups, but it once referred to cool people doing cool things, specifically in music and art. Fans want more than is available to the masses, the equivalent of artistic fastfood. In the past, they drove to obscure towns and visited backrooms, wherever fresh art and poetry was being served, aware there's more to life than what "pop culture" offered. Now they go online. Creative minds push expectations and boundaries as a rule, and are always far ahead of "corporate America." Formulaic trends stifle artists who long to branch out. By the time "cool" catches on and corporate forces jump aboard to capitalize on something fresh, cool stops being cool. Markets contentedly milk dead cows and push out cheap imitations of less creative minds, as long as the audiences buy. But audiences are becoming more sophisticated and discriminate, sickened of the hack-work of commercialism. Underground poetry and music are not new. They've co-existed since the earliest days of radio, giving us the best alternatives to mainstream canned noise, pabulum, and wooden formats that choke discerning listeners. Today's radio offers no formats for the Bob Dylans or Allen Ginsbergs of this generation, two music/poetic counterparts made famous by the 1960's Underground. What was once limited to local coffee houses
has spread to the Internet, where entire chat rooms turned into forums where poets gather daily. Poetry is exploding on the Internet, luring new audiences, international audiences. In these new platforms people can share their wares in real time. Because of this, these mediums continue to grow and change as technology allows. Creative minds forever look for new ways to express their artistic gifts, and if you are creativity-starved, I invite you to join the feast. Brilliance and healthy alternatives to mainstream mush is only a mouse-click away.Here is a partial listing of some of the coolest places on the planet: One of the best interactive communities on the 'net is Absolute Write Water Cooler, the creation of author Jenna Glatzer. Absolute Write's lively poetry forum is moderated by William Haskins, a genuinely unique and brilliant mind with a penchant for starting interesting threads.You'll find people at all levels of the poetic ladder there, pros and amateurs. If you are established or want to test out your own creations, try Absolute Write: display.php?f=14  The Argoboat Poet Society was founded by the engaging mind of Argo Spear, a profound thinker who created a mythological story of poetic voices, including Lyn Lifshin, who is arguably the most prolific poetry writer in the world, coming from around the world to unite in an adventurous journey. Climb aboard at: m#poets

 If you are looking for unique flavor, Kritya Journal was founded by author Rati Saxena, a scholar recognized throughout India and one of the loveliest souls in poetry. Each issue is published in both English and Hindi. Try a different spice with Kritya: Some like their poetry mixed with art, photography, commentary, and short stories. Andwerve Literary Journal from Los Angeles offers all of these. Andwerve is the handiwork of Nate Nieman, who, with the help of Jose Deerborn, put together a literary showcase to bring in talent from around the world. Renee Ballerini, the publisher of Literati Magazine from Italy, recently joined the staff as the new managing editor. Andwerve's staff pours infectious enthusiasm into its work, pushing beyond the bounds of ordinary. Each month it features established and new poets and have poetic roundtable discussions. Andwerve is the hub of the vibrant "worldwide poetic wheel," providing the best of new and established artists and writers: Final Thoughts: The Poetic Underground is a response to a growing need. Those who were familiar with the music of the late '60s consider this the pinnacle of music creativity. Corporations came in, lassoed creativity, and wrung it dry of inspiration. They bought up television and radio stations and dictated to the hearers what they could listen to. Markets think money, not sense. Artists can't exist in a cage, and think creatively. They will always looks for a street corner, abandoned building, or chat room on the Internet. The web allows for exploration where markets are afraid to follow.

Recommended Literary Links and Poetry Links
There is a lot of poetry on the Internet. And yes, a lot of this poetry is "personal poetry" and some of it is quit e simply bad. However, there are a number of excellent on-line poetry forums, and here are some of our favorites. We hope you will take the time to explore these links, which are categorized into Literary Sites, Resources for Writers and Individual Poets' Sites. This page is updated monthly, with our "picks of the month" appearing first under Literary Sites. Kritya, edited by Rati Saxena, is an on-line poetry journal that publishes poetry in English and Hindi. We highly recommend that our readers visit Kritya often and keep up with what's happening in Indian and other poetic circles overseas.|/



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